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Aptos threads  – lifting without a scalpel

Many people who decide to improve their appearance, especially by smoothing the skin of the face, neck or cleavage, are afraid of invasive surgical methods. In such cases we reccommend the Aptos Threads. It’s a popular and very effective technology. Threads are recommended to prevent ptosis, that is, the drooping of tissues (anti-ptosis). Hence their name – Aptos.

Specialist threads act on the principle of attachment in tissues, and then guide them to their original position, through which, we obtain the effect of firming and tension of the skin. Thanks to their construction, the threads stimulate the formation of new collagen.

The treatment using Aptos threads belongs to the group of methods referred to as lifting without a scalpel. The threads are made of polylactic acid and caprolactone fibres. They are fully integrated into the needle, so they can be precisely positioned in the desired location. The use of threads is associated with much less interference than in the case of surgery.

Using the thread method, we can also correct the nose. The threads allow for changing the shape of the nose without the need for anaesthesia and the use of a scalpel.

With Aptos Threads we can:

  • correct nasal asymmetry,
  • lift the tip of the nose,
  • level the hump on the nose,
  • increase the volume of the dorsum of the nose,
  • narrow the wings of the nose.

Interestingly, a new shape of the nose can be obtained with only one puncture. After local anaesthesia, the doctor applies a floss through the tip of the nose. This procedure does not take longer than 20 minutes.

The effect can last from one to three years. If necessary, the Aptos threads treatment can be repeated successively.

Aptos threads are also used for:

  • skin lifting (tissue elevation),
  • correcting the contour of the face,
  • adding volume,
  • skin rejuvenation,
  • improving skin density,
  • getting rid of sagging cheeks,
  • getting rid of the double chin,
  • revitalisation of flaccid skin,
  • breast lifting,
  • correcting the shape of the nose,
  • correction of protruding ears,
  • correction of flaccidity of the abdominal skin after pregnancy,
  • correction of the buttocks.

Aptos threads
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