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AQUA PRO SCAN – the “cosmetic combine” – a recipe for all evils for your skin 

Do you have skin problems you can’t cope with, your skin needs repair and renewal or is it tired of the signs of ageing?

With one, versatile and professional device, we can fix it. We have the Aqua Pro Scan. It is a “cosmetic combine” for the face that, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art solutions, stands out from the rest of the cosmetology equipment.

Aqua Pro Scan is equipped with a camera attachment for scanning the skin, allowing you to pinpoint the entire plan of action before treatment begins.

What does this mean?


STAGE II – HYDROGEN CLEANING cleanses the skin from excess free radicals

STAGE III – CAVITATION PILLING removes dead epidermal cells and stimulates blood circulation

STAGE IV – OXYGEN INFUSION the injection of active ingredients, using ampoules tailored to the client’s needs

STAGE V – ULTRASOUND using an ultrasound nozzle increases cell membrane permeability and cell metabolism

STAGE VI – RF BIPOLAR radio wave reduces collagen fibres by heating, resulting in improved skin elasticity and firmness

STAGE VII – COLD NOZZLE soothes the skin after the treatment, constricts blood vessels, reduces redness

The skin after the treatment requires no recovery period, deeply moisturised, refreshed, revitalised, nourished and tightened.


  • smoothing, recovery, nourishing,
  • stopping the aging process,
  • reduction of wrinkle depth,
  • Tightened and rejuvenated skin,
  • microcirculation stimulation,
  • even skin tone,
  • exfoliation of dead epidermal layers,
  • stimulation of collagen fibre formation,
  • neutralisation of harmful free radicals.