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Carboxytherapy – intelligent beauty treatment

Scars, cellulite, stretch marks, excess body fat – they are difficult to deal with when all you use is creams or gels. That is why we reccommend a more effective method.

Carboxytherapy is a medical therapy with a wide range of applications, involving the intradermal or subcutaneous introduction of carbon dioxide with the use of thin needles.

The intelligent and innovative S&INT™ system used in carboxytherapyJULIÉ ® adjusts the treatment parameters not only to a given problem, but also to its area and stage.

For patient comfort, the JULIÉ ® has a double gas heating system, which reduces pain by more than 90% compared to standard carboxytherapy treatments.

Benefits of JULIÉ ® treatments:

  • reduction of adipose tissue (body fat)  – 67%,
  • cellulite reduction – up to 90%,
  • reduction of skin stretch marks  – 97%,
  • scar reduction – 97%,
  • improvement in skin firmness – 74%,
  • wrinkle smoothing – 57%.

Before and after