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The frenulum of prepuce of penis is a narrow, elastic band of tissue that connects the glans of a penis with the foreskin. It allows the easy slide of the foreskin beyond the retroglandular groove for example during the erection. However, in some cases the short frenulum occurs, what prevents or restricts the movements of the foreskin. In such cases, the frenulum may become torn. The frenulum breve may also occur as a secondary condition due to recurrent penis inflammation or injuries.

Frenuloplasty is the most recommend treatment method for short frenulum. The procedure involves cutting too short fibers of frenulum and sewing them in special way, so they become stronger and longer.  The procedure is usually performed under a local anesthesia. Absorbable sutures are used that do not require removal.

Postoperative recommendations:

  • Urological control visit 7 days after the surgery.