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Lumiscan – expresses more than words

Before deciding on treatments offered by aesthetic medicine, it is worth diagnosing and analysing the condition of the skin. The doctor has no choice but to do it superficially. We’re offering more than that.

Lumiscan is a state-of-the-art and professional diagnostic device that, thanks to multispectral imaging, allows us to look deep into the skin and visualise its various types of imperfections. Using computer analysis, we are able to obtain detailed data on the basic parameters of the patient’s skin and consistently approach the planning of corrective procedures.

The Lumiscan device is equipped with a professional diagnostic station.

It consists of: a face scanner (a 2-in-1 device that combines two technologies – multispectral skin imaging with computer analysis) and a large monitor showing 4K image quality, which detects even the smallest changes in the skin structure.

Using this device, we can additionally determine the level of skin dehydration, its biological age and the type of skin of the patient.

Lumiscan skin analysis includes:

  • skin hydration level,
  • level of skin firmness and elasticity,
  • occurrence, size and type of discolouration,
  • occurrence, size and type of pigmentation spots,
  • size and condition of pores,
  • size and condition of blood vessels,
  • depth of wrinkles.

Advantages of the Lumiscan system:

  • quick, pleasant and non-invasive treatment,
  • presents detailed skin problems in the form of photos and diagrams,
  • summarises all stages of skin analysis and generates a summary of consultations with recommendations,
  • plans the next stages of care applied in the clinic and suggests the selection of cosmetic products for home care based on the already obtained effects of treatments.