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RF SKINFRAX – young and wrinkle-free skin? It’s possible!

A firm, wrinkle-free and properly hydrated complexion is the dream of many women. Although ageing processes are inevitable, they can be effectively slowed down.

In our clinic, we offer treatments with the Skinfrax device. It’s a combination of radiofrequency and micro-puncture. This device is ideal for skin rejuvenation and repair treatments. The device uses a combination of two treatment methods – micro needles and radio wave heating of the skin. The non-invasive RF fractional head additionally allows the skin to be heated with a radio frequency current – without puncturing it. This function works great for people who are afraid of needles and expect satisfactory results, but do not want to interfere too invasively with the skin.

RF SKINFRAX – a comfortable and completely safe device. It has a CE certificate, 25 needles and 64 gold-plated pins ensure the best treatment results.

Effects of SKINFRAX RF treatments

  • face lift,
  • reduction of wrinkles,
  • improvment in skin firmness,
  • reduction of scars resulting from acne, burns and injuries,
  • improvement of the face oval,
  • smoothing the skin,
  • reduction of discolouration,
  • lightening of the complexion,
  • reduction of pores,
  • skin rejuvenation.