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Laser treatment of snoring NightLase® – effectiveness has been proven by research

Snoring is one of the most common breathing disorders during sleep. It causes relaxation of the muscles, which reduces the free flow of inhaled air. A vibration of the sluggish parts of the throat occurs.

An alternative treatment for snoring to existing treatments is non-invasive laser therapy. This procedure is completely painless, non-surgical and performed without anaesthesia. Snoring treatment is based on the use of an Er:YAG laser beam to heat the soft tissue of the upper airways, i.e., the soft palate, uvula, palatine arches and the lateral surfaces of the tongue base. Under the influence of the light, collagen fibres are compressed and the tissues become stiff.

The treatment procedure begins with the laryngologist gathering a medical history and ruling out any contraindications. The patient then assumes a sitting position.

The treatment is carried out inside the mouth and consists of sequential irradiation of parts of the mouth and throat.

A series of 3 laser treatments performed at appropriate intervals is required to achieve the full therapeutic effect.

The NightLase™️ method is:

  • non-surgical,
  • safe,
  • painless,
  • does not require a recovery period – does not interfere with daily life activities.

What is NightLase® technology for the treatment of snoring and apnoea?

  • Reduces the effects of snoring and sleep apnoea,
  • improves the patient’s quality of sleep,
  • non-invasive, exclusively thermal laser procedure,
  • painless, extremely simple and fast procedure,
  • safe and patient-friendly treatment.