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Soprano Titanium laser – quick and painless

Do we have to waste time with regular waxing? No – if we opt for a laser hair removal method.

Stronger, faster, painless – this is the latest Soprano Titanium hair removal system we have in our offer. It is a ground-breaking, intelligent technology for permanent laser depilation. Ideal for both dark and light hair and any type of skin, even tanned.

The ICE Plus cooling tip is made of sapphire – during the treatment it minimises the risk of damage to the epidermis and at the same time maintains the right temperature. ICE Plus makes hair removal painless, quick and comfortable.

Soprano Titanium Laser is the most advanced laser platform that focuses on laser depilation and allows for permanent hair removal in a safe way. It combines maximum functionality with the comfort of the treatment. The Soprano Titanium laser is ideal for any skin type, and the combination of these three technologies guarantees the highest efficiency.

The TRIO head covers large areas, thanks to which the treatments are fast.

Soprano Titanium has three wavelengths that easily reach hairs at different depths, damaging their structures. The hair removal itself is very precise and works perfectly on the I-VI skin photo types and on tanned skin.

The day before laser depilation, the patient should shave the surface of the skin to be treated. At the first visit, the patient should leave a part unshaved for a qualification testing.

For satisfactory results, a series of treatments should be performed. The series usually consists of about 6 visits at one or two-month intervals.

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