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FOTONA StarWalker Laser – the cure for the failed tattoos

Do tattoos last for a lifetime? This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many effective methods of getting rid of ugly and insignificant souvenirs. We reccommend the use of lasers. In our offer we have a device equipped with the most advanced laser system in the world – the StarWalker® How does it work?

StarWalker® laser uses the up-to-now unattainable power of a photoacoustic wave, emitting high power in a very short pulse. It combines 14 modes of operation on different types of pulses: pico-, nano-, milli- and microseconds. This is a reliable way to remove even multicoloured tattoos. The laser can emit 4 types of waves, and each of them hits a specific colour of dye in the tattoo. The result? No marks, no scars, no pain.

After each treatment, unwanted tattoos or permanent makeup become brighter and brighter until they are simply invisible.

The device also solves the following problems:

  • vascular changes (spider veins),
  • varicose veins,
  • erythema,
  • rosacea,
  • hair,
  • warts,
  • nail fungus,
  • flaccid skin,
  • scars,
  • stretch marks.

Star Walker
Before and after