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Vaginal reduction procedure (improving vaginal elasticity)

It is a modern, non-invasive method. It does not require anaesthesia and does not carry the risk of complications typical of surgery.

The indication for this procedure is vaginal flaccidity, which occurs during menopause or as a result of childbirth, causing a loss of sexual satisfaction – reduced or absent sensation during intercourse.

The procedure is based on a photothermal interaction between the Fotona laser and the mucous membrane tissue. A carefully controlled laser beam delivered into the vaginal canal and vaginal entry area causes the tissue and the collagen it contains to heat up. The heating of the collagen leads to an immediate contraction of the collagen. In addition to the temporary contraction of collagen and tissue, collagen remodelling and neocollagenesis processes are initiated, and at the end of these processes the treated tissue is enriched with new collagen and looks younger, tighter and more elastic, thereby reducing vaginal laxity and offsetting the effects of vaginal flabbiness syndrome.

The effect is long-lasting, and regular Kegel exercises maintain it even longer.

The procedure is followed by:

  • increasing the tension of the tissues to be treated,
  • reducing the angle of inclination and restoring normal urethral function,
  • reduced vaginal circumference (narrower),
  • improved sensations during sex (more sensations, better orgasms),
  • improving the quality and comfort of a woman’s life.