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FOTONA LASER  – market leader in aesthetic medicine

Removal of wrinkles, treatment of scars, endolifit treatment of the face and eyelids, laser peeling, closing of vessels – this is just the beginning of a long list of treatments that we perform with the use of the Fotona laser.

The Fotona laser is the most powerful combination of Nd:YAG laser with Er:YAG laser available on the market.

This device has great capabilities. It can be used for treatments during which the skin peels off, as well as those during which the outer layer of the skin remains intact.

  • Nd:YAG homogeneous penetration for effective and deep thermal treatments.
  • Er:YAG high absorption in ablative and non-ablative surface treatment.

Our centre is equipped with all available heads and scanners, which allows us to respond comprehensively to the needs of patients and provide satisfactory results.

In addition, to ensure the highest comfort during the treatment, we use the Zimmer Cryo 6 cold air anaesthetic device.


Photon’s Variable Square Impulse (VSP) technology adjusts laser parameters. Furthermore, the built-in pulse feedback control (EFC) technology ensures that the laser output energy is always in accordance with the parameters set by the doctor, ensuring the highest level of safety.

The range of application of the laser is very wide and mainly includes such treatments as:

  • wrinkle removal,
  • treatment of postoperative scars, acne scars,
  • elimination of skin lesions,
  • 4Dface endolift treatment,
  • endolifting of the upper and lower eyelids,
  • T3 photorejuvenation,
  • SMOOTH fractionation,
  • laser peeling,
  • FOTONA TS laser, non-invasive firming of the body,
  • discolorations removal,
  • closing vessels, removing spider veins,
  • removal of vascular erythema,
  • treatment of acne in the acute phase,
  • treatment of nail and skin fungus,
  • reduction of armpit hyperhidrosis,
  • treatment of snoring,
  • aesthetic gynaecology.

Laser Fotona
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